Beauty parlours or salons are present in every nook and corner and getting a beauty service done has now become a basic need. Every woman does a monthly routine of threading and waxing and they visit the places nearby, in case they live in Kolkata, they visit a salon in Kolkata to get them done.

Though such salons are just walking distance away sometimes, visiting one on a monthly basis is sure a tough task. There are few things about the salon in Kolkata or about every beauty parlour for that matter that irks the customers:

  • You may have to wait in case the perfect salon in Kolkata is crowded or if the number of service providers or beauticians is less. If you opt for getting an appointment then you are the one who has to schedule the visit as per the time is given by the parlour. While during the weekends, no matter how early you book the appointment, you just are made to wait.
  • Though the salon in Kolkata looks all clean and tidy, the cleanliness of the sheets, towels, and combs can never truly be guaranteed.
  • The majority of the times, the services in the normal salon in Kolkata are rushed so as to serve more customers.
  • The customers are generally not aware of the products that the professionals use in the parlours because the products are stored somewhere and all they take is a scoop of the products for usage.

All of these inconveniences and hassles can be solved by the service provided by Urban Clap for beautification as they bring the salon in Kolkata right to your doorstep.

Urban Clap is a free mobile app available on the App Stores for iOS and Android. You just have to download the app to enjoy all the facilities of the salon in Kolkata at your place.

The perks of using Urban Clap as a salon in Kolkata service providers are many but to list a few:

  • There will be absolutely no waiting time as the service provider will be the one to come to your house at your requested, convenient time.
  • Cleanliness is guaranteed by Urban Clap and you will have the option to use even your own comb, towels, and much more.
  • You will be able to enjoy every second of the service of the salon in Kolkata as there will be no hastiness from the professionals of the Urban Clap, they will carry out the services as per your pace.
  • Only quality products are used and you will also get to see and check the products that are being used.

You just have to name the kind of salon in Kolkata service you want to go for, starting from hair spa, hair cut to de-tanning of the whole body, there is nothing that the skilled and professional background checked experts partnered with Urban Clap will not be able to do.

Urban Clap is meant to bridge the gap between the professionals and urban residents who are always in a rush and for whom even getting the basic needs met are hard to make out the time for.

In this day and age, personality matters and looking your best cannot be compromised with because of the issue that you do not have the time to visit the salon in Kolkata. Therefore leave all the worries aside and choose to become an Urban Clap customer, who will truly feel like the special person that he or she is because the services provided by the professionals of this app are meant to help you get your money’s worth and enjoy it at the same time.