Panties today comes in every edge of the prism and sizes, décor knittings, architecture printing fractals, hues from the rainbow, and threading synthetics. Our purchase of panties is also adversely or implicitly influenced by an agent provocateur from ad-campaigns, price tag, conspicuous publicity stunt etc. How then can a buyer discern which boutique or a brand, or the type of fabric and tapestry—that best provides the extra-comfort, along with bragging rights to rave the nether apparel to our friends, colleagues or intimate ones about.

There are many rip-off brands and fraudulent firms that’ll forge and counterfeit authentic designs from trademark and elegant brands, and replicate an abysmal product with equally egregious quality. Remember, great lingerie should appeal to both fashion suavity and comfort; with a trenchant nether-blueprint and robust fabric materials.

Below listed are some of the handpicked thongs that pass all the prerequisites of defining quality, and are sexy framed for ranges—modest to the kinky theme.

Never Say Never Cutie Lace Thongs

This heart winning sexy piece is a Hollywood favourite. The innovative laces and floral patterns come with a soft fabric, wide stretch band that fits perfectly for all waistline. The seamless crotch panel provides adequate softness to feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time.

Trenta Lowrider Lace Thong

A cutting edge print to lay flat on the body for a seamless effect, the structure has been meticulously designed to wrap the nether region with that soothing delicate embrace. Its intricate features include lined gusset, invisible panty line, smooth microfibre, low rise fit with wide stretch band, in one size—from petite to large. 

Brianna Thong

The perfect specimen for a romantic getaway. The Brianna thong is an exclusive piece that is crafted for pure lust. The perky floral lace and the intersection tow creates a timeless illusion of strong romantic vibes for that—right—intimate moment. It comes with a cotton-lined gusset and no rear coverage. 

Never Say Never Extended Cutie Lowrider Thong

Cosabella’s best selling and a fan favourite are making the spotlight again, on the Never Say Never Extended collection. The super-soft stretch fabric adds extra flavour to the versatility of this thing. The silky smoothness of the lace comes from 93% polyamide and 7% elastane concoction. The Gusset feathery touch softness comes from 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

Ceylon Lowrider Lace Thong

A unique blend of retro-modern art laced with advanced curvature, the Ceylon Lowrider is another classic piece that belongs in the best selling top-shelf. The scalloped lace on front panels, and the string details on the sides for a mesmerizing sexy effect, comes from technically enhanced classic soft stretch chevron lace. 

Natalia Thong

Natalia is the newest addition in the echelon closet of select—irresistible—thongs, Cosabella has brazenly endeavoured for jazzy fans. The sheer elegance of this piece stems from its simply stunning, and a touch of silhouette tone, the designers have cleverly and enduringly engineered. The bralettes and teddy have been purposefully put in the crotch to brag.

Next time you go thong shopping, don’t forget to make sure your shopping itinerary has all the filtered elements you can compare from here, to buy the ultimate and functional sexy thong, because you deserve the best.