The garments available for the upper body of man are very varied, according to the style and occasion in which it is going to be used. Despite this, there is one in particular that has become a basic and essential in the wardrobe of each gentleman, the sweatshirt; this is due to the versatility and functionality that it offers.

This piece of mens clothing, its initial objective was to protect from the cold in a more comfortable, soft and without the stinging of old fabrics. During the twentieth century, it became an essential prototype of sports fashion, which was also adapted to the street and urban clothing. It has also continued its evolution and today, is in the lockers of each gentleman, with models ranging from the simplest to fashionable houses of great recognition.

How to wear a sweatshirt?

When acquiring a sweatshirt, it is necessary that it be checked and to prove that this one as well, in addition, the colours must be the suitable ones and preferably neutral, so that they combine with everything. Next, some indications that can be followed to choose the right sweatshirt will be shown:

  • 100% cotton fabrics are of better quality and have greater durability.
  • Choosing the right size is the best option because it looks finer and does not look so street.
  • Unicolor models are more recommended because they are easier to harmonize with other garments and accessories.
  • It is preferable to choose one without logos or bands in front.

Look in layers

In this outfit, the sweatshirt will not be as visible; however, its function will be the most important. This is because they serve to shelter from the cold in the winter. In this way, the man will look great while keeping him warm and comfortable. In this sense, an example to create a look in layers would be to start with a simple flannel of a soft fabric with an 883 Police Mens Hoodies. Finally, a coat is placed as the last layer, which, depending on the intensity of the cold, could be a classic leather or denim jacket, or a Parka that provides more heat.

Athleisure look

This is an ideal look for periods of cold and, with it, in addition to staying warm; the gentleman will be comfortable and look great. However, the garments that accompany it should be chosen very well, because otherwise it could be seen as a lazy one to fix. For this reason, the most advisable is to choose a sweatshirt that fits the body, but without looking tight. They combine perfectly with a jean or trousers with braids at the waist and sneakers. By choosing a soft and lightweight cloth fabric, it could be worn with an 883 Police Shorts for men, and create an appropriate outfit for spring.

With suits or dress pants

Although it seems a little unusual, it is a look that is taking a lot nowadays; because, with it, a jovial and sophisticated appearance is achieved, simultaneously fresh and comfortable. In this way, you can wear a blazer or a casual suit, as well as a pair of pants with a light sweatshirt and luxury shoes.