Finding a wedding dress for your own self is a hard task on it own, imagine finding dresses for all your bridesmaid who have different body types and shapes and preferences. It can be quite an overwhelming process. Don’t worry, we will help you make it through it all and make sure that your friends feel as gorgeous as you do with this complete guide where we will cover most body types.

Dresses for your plus-sized girls

Plus size bridesmaid dresses are really not that hard to find and your friends should not have to worry about finding the perfect dress for themselves. Nowadays, with people challenging beauty standards every step of the way, the fashion industry has starting to become more accommodating and has realized that there are people in different shapes and sizes. So you will come across a lot of different options that are also cheap bridesmaid dresses. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying plus size dresses:

  • Body shape: for you girls with big busts, you should consider getting dresses that extenuates the hour glass figures with a trumpet silhouette. Whereas, for girls that heavy towards their bottom areas, for them the A-line cut is very flattering on their body type.
  • The detailing: the dresses should not bring too much attention on certain areas, for example it should not have a heavily sequenced bodice because that will make the person look even bulkier.
  • Sleeves: If your girls are not too confident about showing their arms, you should consider looking for dresses that have longer sleeves or thicker straps that will avoid attention from their arms.
  • Fabric: You need to be very careful of the fabric you choose, because some fabrics show no mercy to the body and hug every curve possible. Try to go with chiffon materials, that will be flow-y and not as figure hugging but flattering at the same time. Designers usually tend to send you fabric samples to make sure you are completely satisfied.
  • Tailoring: You will have to be going to the tailors, in order to get a more customized fit. In this way, the dress won’t be a one-time wear for them, and they can use it at other formal events because it will have perfect fitting.

Maternity Bridesmaid dresses

Having a friend who is expecting on your wedding is going to be a wonderful experience because there will be happier feelings added to your special day. Them expecting, should definitely not be a reason for you to worry about finding a bridesmaid dress. However, you will have to be careful about certain things when buying a dress for you expecting friend. It should be very comfortable and make sure they are able to move freely in the dress. Consider getting an empire waist gown and chiffon fabric which will be a very comfortable fit and choice of fabric, while flattering the baby bump at the same time.