The fashion in the industry is worth 2.4 trillion, with near endless choices vying for your attention every day. When you look at the brands that exist and the variety of clothing they have to offer, setting for what you want can be quite overwhelming. For those who love fashion, it appears to be easier to know what pieces to go for. What of the average Jane who wants to embrace style but the thought of doing so makes them think twice? We’ll look into how one can embrace fashion and find their unique sense of dressing.

Who are you dressing for?

If you’re popping into a Burlington cell phone repair store, your style is likely to be different if you’re going for a high school reunion. In as much as we like to dive in head first into establishing what our style is and getting those clothes, you have to consider all the various scenarios that you could be in and get appropriate attire. It is no wonder a person can have a closet full of clothes and still say out loud they have nothing to wear. The trick then is to shop mindfully, that way, when you settle on your style you’re able to get clothes that fall into those categories.

Discover your style

Here is when you go into a deep dive into why you currently dress how you do. It is easier to give the response “because it makes me feel good” or “because it is functional” than to trace the roots of why we dress as we do. If you’ve found yourself looking at a piece of clothing and thinking that it would not look good on you, then it is time to think long and hard why you refuse to go for what you want. Next time you’re in that situation, try it on and get a second opinion. If you look fantastic in it, then it’s time to open your mind to change your style.

Don’t be a slave to fashion

We’ve talked about embracing fashion, but don’t be overly taken in or obsessed by it. Know what to look for and only focus on that, but also keep an eye on fashion that you might end up liking. Be willing to explore though at the heart of it, know what looks good on you, feels good, and perfectly depicts your personality. Something to keep in mind is fashion brands,and their affiliates are out to make money as well, so don’t line their pockets unnecessarily.