Some Bollywood actors have created quite the furore in the world of fashion. These actors have become style and fashion icons for young men from across the nation and the globe. From sporting the perfect dinner outfits to wearing just the right attire for the gym, these Bollywood stars seem to know all the secrets to being well dressed.

If you’re looking for fashion tips based on the style quotient of these leading Bollywood actors, you have come to the right place! Here are some tips that every young man should know when it comes to fashion which caters to your Bollywood madness:

  • The Chilled Out and Relaxed Look

For those of you who love the idea of a chilled out and relaxed look, Farhan Akhtar’s style of dressing is what you need to consider. From wearing simple full sleeve round neck cotton tees to sporting plain and solid colour v neck tees with a pair of comfortable jeans is exactly what you can expect from the handsome and dashing Akhtar. Smart casuals are suitable for men of all shapes and sizes.

  • The Bold And Brazen Look

If you want to exhibit the confident, arrogant, mischievous and bold bad boy look, then you need to follow Hrithik Roshan’s fashion style. From wearing brightly coloured and printed shirts, to sporting blazers, denim jackets and other such fantastic garments, you can portray the same look that Hritik did in the movie Dhoom 2. Polo neck t-shirts are also an excellent option when paired with ripped or distressed jeans. You can also consider opting for sleeveless open vests and khakis to sport this bold look.

  • The Experimental Look

Who says that you need to have a particular and specific fashion style? You can pretty much experiment with your wardrobe and try and test all kinds of different looks and fashion trends just like Ranveer Singh. From wearing polka dot pants to opting for loose fitting pants, harem pants, the full blown out tuxedo, plain white shirts and grey trousers and other such options, you can pretty much exhibit any style that you deem fit and as per the occasion. Even Indian kurtas and dhoti pants can be considered as options as for such fashion experiments.

  • The Cool Dude Look

When it comes to looking cool, nonchalant and trendy, nobody can beat Ranbir Kapoor. This young and famous Bollywood actor has stolen the hearts of many ladies and become a fashion icon for many men because of his unabashedly good looks and noteworthy sense of fashion. Sporting cool and trendy jackets with tees and jeans or trousers and shirts are what you need to do if you want to pull off that ‘cool dude’ look.

  • The Chic Look

If you want to opt for a chic and stylish look, follow Shahid Kapoor’s fashion style closely. From sporting pinstriped blazers and matching trousers to wearing distressed white jeans with simple and stylish tees, a sophisticated fashion sense is what you need to be a heartthrob and a head turner.

Get inspired from our Bollywood actors and spring up your cool side with trendy tshirts, cool pants and sick accessories! Lights, Camera, Fashion!