Clothes have become one of the main necessities of everyone. It protects us from different harmful objects and entities found in our environment which includes changes in weather and insects. Clothes comes in different styles and variations, they also come in different sizes, but what keeps a specific clothing from others is its capability to provide comfort. In this article we will tackle about Tencel, a clothing material that provides the most comfortable variations of clothes. Let’s begin with the question: What is Tencel?

Tencel: What is it?

Tencel is a cellulose  fiber that is entirely made from a wood pulp that has been processed with recyclable solvents. Experts usually refer this fiber as: Lyocell. Tencel is a type of rayon which is created by processing or dissolving bleached wood pulp using a jet spinner.

This kind of fiber is invented by Henry E. Milson and was later on developed and reinforced by the American Enka fibers and facilities in North Carolina in 1972. It was soon developed and recognized in 2003 by the American Association of Textile Chemist and Colorist in 2003.

Lyocell fabric provides a silky-like texture fabric which is usually utilized to create various designs of clothes. Its texture is claimed to be one of the world’s most comfortable fabric, as well as the most eco-friendly.

Clothes made from Tencel

Tencel or Lyocell is mostly used in everyday clothing. This is as the Tencel can be fused or blended with other fibers such as silk, polyester, cotton, linen, rayon and even wool. This being said, experts have also claimed that Tencel production is more expensive than cotton, this is as Tencel fibers reinforced some of the world’s everyday fabrics which includes: denim, towels, casual wear and even underwear. It can also be used in medical dressings, conveyor belts and specialty papers.

Tencel fibers are known to provide the most comfortable clothing products. It lets the body breathe, giving the individual the comfort he or she needs. Tencel fibers are being used in different clothing materials, providing a combined sense of fashion and comfort. From shirts to pants, and even underwears, Tencel fabrics are well known to provide the comfort everyone needs.

It provides natural comfort

Silky, smooth and can be blended with different fabrics, not to mention its different color variations which lasts longer than from other fabrics. Tencel fabrics guarantees a silky-smooth comfort, without the concerns of deformity, color alteration and durability. Rest assured that every clothing products created with Tencel fabrics are 100% durable, lightweight and fashionable.


Tencel fabrics offers a new trend of comfort. It provides natural comfort from its silky-smooth texture, enhance breathability, durabilty and color retention. Environmentalists are also encouraging people the benefits of purchasing and using Tencel as it is eco-friendly. Compared to other fabrics that uses synthetic materials, Tencel fabrics are made with 100% bleached wood pulp, guaranteeing its biodegradability. The question: What is Tencel? Can be answered by purchasing clothes made with the fabric and that is: long-lasting comfort.