As a birthstone for May, Emerald gemstone is valued around the world. This member from the Beryl mineral family is known for its definitive green color and luster. It is full of magic and meaning for its wearer. The gorgeous allure of Emerald attracts cosmic energy from the planet Mercury.

In fact, many people including royalty and nobles have venerated this gemstone for centuries. Even today, it is loved by the celebrities like Deepika Padukone & Shilpa Shetty who flaunt their deep colored emerald stones on special occasions. It is considered to be one of the most desired gemstones for making elegant jewelry.

Reasons for Wearing Emerald Stone Jewelry:

Emerald is a very beneficial gemstone. Since it invokes power of the planet Mercury, it has a strong impact on your mind and memory. It makes the memory sharper and ensures better career growth for its wearer. Wearing Emerald gemstone brings more wealth, recognition, and spirituality in your life. It enhances the reasoning powers and aids in living a harmonious life. So, there are many benefits of wearing Emerald or Panna stone.

What Type of Jewelry Looks Best in Emerald?

The gorgeous green emeralds look super classy and elegant for every occasion. Their inimitable shine complements any outfit that you carry. Whether you want to look dressy or casual, there’s an emerald jewelry meant for you. No wonder, it has been graced by many celebrities as well.

If you are looking to find authentic Panna jewelry, lay your trust only in reliable and trustworthy Emerald jewelry stores online. They have an enigmatic collection of Emerald rings, pendants, and bracelets to suit your specific requirement. These stores offer charming designs in jewelry at highly competitive prices.

How to Choose the right Emerald Jewelry?

Whenever you are looking to buy natural stone jewelry, you must find beautiful designs and high-quality metals to make it worth your investment. Columbian emerald is the most valued variety of this gemstone. It has a higher price than other types of emerald stones. Finding authentic and natural stones can be a daunting process. You should begin by analyzing the following factors:

  • Clarity – The emeralds you buy must have minimum inclusions and flaws. Finding 100% flawless stone naturally is extremely rare. Yet, you can search for gems having least inclusions. Most importantly, the stone shouldn’t be heat treated in a lab for improving their transparency. When looking for emerald engagement rings, you should ask the seller to give you a free lab certificate for authenticating quality of their gemstone.
  • Color – The extraordinary color and saturation of emeralds put them in the league of the most treasured gemstones. Prefer the deep green color which is the natural hue of this gem. It looks amazing when crafted into jewelry.
  • Cut – The iconic emerald cut is definitely the top choice for making beautiful jewelry. But you can also opt for contemporary cuts like cushion or heart shapes.
  • Carat – Emerald prices are determined based on its weight in carat. Bigger pieces are rare. Hence, Emerald price per carat is increases considerably for a bigger stone.

For adding more variety to your wardrobe, you must prefer wearing Emerald gemstone jewelry in varied choices of metals. Emerald rings and pendants are made in pure gold, rose gold, platinum, sterling silver, and panchdhatu metals.

As a matter of fact, buy them from a trusted gem store like that has a huge variety of stunning emerald stone jewels at the best prices.