Halloween is just around the corner and that means one thing for the fashion-forward gent – it’s time to get a costume. Whether you’re a fan of dressing up and indulging your inner child or you’re a ‘Halloween Scrooge’ and loathe the season’s silliness – no man wants to be the guy who turns up to a Halloween party rocking his workwear. But what to wear?

Dracula, skeleton man, generic zombie are one for a penny at Halloween and so last decade. Today, Halloween costumes are less spooky and more creative. Everything is up for grabs – your favourite film star, style icon, TV or movie character. Your one goal? Get the people guessing. The best part? You’ve probably already got the foundation of a great costume in your wardrobe already.

In this post, we’ll break down our top Halloween costume ideas that are easy to put together and sartorially on point. Just because it’s fancy dress, doesn’t mean that you can’t look good.

The 80s Throwback: Maverick from Top Gun

Do you ‘feel the need, the need for speed’ when it comes to putting together your Halloween look? Well, then look no further than Top Gun’s Maverick. All you need is a bomber jacket (super on trend this season), jeans, Doc Martens and a pair of classic Aviator glasses and you’ll look every bit the 80’s fighter pilot. Not only is the outfit easy to put together, it’s a great look that you can wear throughout the season. And with the long-anticipated sequel to the 1986 classic out next year, it’s never been a better time to rock the look.

The Brummie Gangster: Anyone from Peaky Blinders

Who doesn’t love Peaky Blinders? Gangsters, social history and a cast that includes Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy, it’s no surprise that the show’s a hit. And when it comes to fancy dress, it doesn’t get much easier or iconic than this. Opt for a grandad collar white shirt and layer beneath a tweed grey blazer and complete the look with straight leg chinos and boots.

For instant heritage cool, don’t forget the newsboy cap. Now synonymous with the show, a tweed newsboy is also a seasonal must have – perfect for protecting your head from the cold on long autumnal walks.

The Sartorial Psychopath: Patrick Bateman from American Psycho

As Patrick Bateman says, ‘There is an idea of a Patrick Bateman; some kind of abstraction. But there is no real me: only an entity, something illusory.’ Thankfully, it’s an illusion that’s easy to emulate. The  90s cult classic mixes sophistication with horror by contrasting Bateman’s on point business style with utter depravity.

To get the look, you need a double-breasted, pinstripe navy suit, a red statement tie with matching braces and a set of ivory business cards. Spend some time preening in front of the mirror like Bateman. You want slicked-back hair, a clean shave and a cold stare. To push the psycho vibe to the max, carry an axe around with you (fake blood optional).  

The Fail Safe Spy: James Bond

James Bond may be the obvious choice, but what man can resist donning the look of the most iconic spy in history? We can’t promise you’ll fare as well with the fairer sex, but we can promise that you’ll be one of the sharpest dressed at the party.

If you’ve already got a well-tailored slim tux in your wardrobe you’re already halfway there. Simply add a pristine Marcella evening shirt, a manual bow tie and polished black shoes. Walk around with a Martini glass in hand spouting double entendres and ‘shaken not stirred’ at every opportunity, and you’ll be every inch 007.

The New Age Cowboy: Teddy Flood from Westworld

Cowboys were once the go-to fancy dress choice of pre-pubescent boys, but thanks to Westworld now even the most sartorially savvy gent can get the look. Westworld burst onto TV screens a few years ago and was instantly a hit for it’s dark and unpredictable twists and turns. [spoiler alert] A cowboy that’s a robot- that’s what we call a fancy dress 2-in-1.

To get the look, you’ll need a neckerchief, grey wool blazer, denim jeans and shirt (yes it’s ok to rock double denim at Halloween) and a gaudy belt with a large cowboy-like buckle. If you want to really commit to the look, add a cowboy hat and horse (although your hosts may insist it’s kept outside).

The Self-Made Man: Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby

There’s no more tragic a figure than F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Jay Gatsby. The loved-up, social climber look couldn’t be easier or more elegant to get. Go for a linen cream suit, a silk tie, a ‘cool, beautiful shirt’, wingtip shoes and a greyhound cane.

To really commit, learn to dance the Charleston and keep your Champagne coupe permanently raised to greet everyone in the room.

The Kooky Patriarch: Gomez Addams from The Addams Family

Gomez Addams, the patriarch of the world’s favourite creepy family, the Addams family, hits the sartorial sweet spot between Halloween appropriate and fashion-friendly. Revel in the macabre with a dark coloured pinstripe suit, dress shirt, dark tie and black shoes.

Bonus points for those who learn to waltz, wear a fake mustache and proclaim ‘cara mia’ to every girl in the room.

Getting a halloween costume doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Some small tweaks here and there can transform your standard wardrobe into a treasure trove of fancy dress ideas. And, hey, if you’re feeling really lazy, you could always go for a black suit and thin black tie and claim you’re someone from Reservoir Dogs or wear your office suit and glasses and declare yourself Clark Kent.

Anthony Horner is the director of Empire Outlet, a luxury menswear company that provides high-quality suits and accessories at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Empire Outlet operates online and serves customers all over the world.