Whenever we hear toning up of muscles the image we draw in our mind if of a bulky muscular man or women. In reality, these two have no connection. Toning up of the body is a process where you lower your fat and strengthen your muscles. There are various ways that one can achieve a nice toned up body.


Men do need to have a toned up body because of two reasons. Firstly, they are considered as the strong gender and secondly, they have more number of muscles as compared to women. To be attractive and woo your counterpart gender, you can follow the following ways to tone up your body.

  1. Exercise: Exercise is important for you no matter what. There are various sorts of exercise available at the gym that can help you get rid of the extra fat and manage your muscles. You can do crunches and abdominal exercises to get your stomach into place.
  2. Lift weight: Lifting weight would not only burn the extra calorie which is there but also would help you tone your arm muscles. Normally, the extra fat can be seen in your arm and at the tummy area. It is important that you use weight lifting accordingly to burn all those extra pounds and look attractive.
  3. Swimming: When you swim your maximum muscles are active. Due to this it is easy for your burn your fat and also make your inactive muscles an active one. So, make sure that you go for swimming at least twice a week.
  4. Watch your diet: When you are trying to burn those extra fats and turn your body into a well shaped structure, you have a look at your diet also. Make sure you don’t include those foods in your diet which is going to deposit fat in your body.
  5. Seek the help of the gym trainer: Experts can help you out with things you need. Tell them what you actually want and they would guide you through it. Even if you are not able to visit gym daily, they can tell you about the exercise that you can do at your home to get into shape easily and quickly.


In today’s world, women are no less than men. So, when it comes to strengthening the muscles, why women should be left behind. There are certain ways by which women can also have an attractive toned up body.

  1. Yoga: There are various yoga postures that help you to burn those extra fats from your body and provide strength to your muscles. Try those yoga at home or at under an expert to get a body of your dream.
  2. Regular walking: Walking helps you a lot. If you go out for a walk early morning, not only you are providing healthy exercise to your body but also to your soul. So, make sure that you walk for least 30 minutes daily to keep your body fit and fine.
  3. Join gym: There are various weighting exercises that you can do at the gym to tone up your muscles. Weighting doesn’t mean that you would develop bulky body. So, relax and do a little bit of weight lifting just to provide strength to your muscles.
  4. Go for hiking: Hiking helps to active maximum number of muscles in your body. So, you can try out hiking once a week to activate those inactive muscles and burn extra fat.

We all need strength despite our gender. We all need to burn those extra fats and strengthen our muscles so that they can be active. The above mentioned ways would help you to achieve your goal of having active muscles. So, go for it.

 Toned Up Muscles