In the world full of fashion, it is important to look beautiful as well as stylish. Along with that hairstyling is equally important but sometimes you rush out of time and don’t have enough time to even comb. In these such cases, when there is zero time to comb hair, you should use these easy and different hairstyles. Have a look at this article, as we are going to provide you with some basic women hairstyles that can be done in just 10 seconds.

  • Modern Messy Bun- This off duty ballerina bun will make you look more stylish and polished. Ergo, this hairstyle can easily be done in just 10 seconds with very little effort. Have a look at the steps mentioned below:

STEP 1: Brush it up- First of all, you will have to brush all your hair in a very high ponytail. After that slip a headband over your hair just about an inch back from the hairline.

STEP 2: Twist it- After the first step you will have to twist the length of your ponytail into a bun, then you can secure all the bun using four to six bobby pins. But remember that should be scattered around the edges of the bun properly.

STEP 3: Add some volume- Use a tail comb or a pencil and pass it through the crown of your head, and then gently wiggle up, tugging sections of hair at your roots for added volume. Here, you are done with the first hairstyle. If you want to have some hair oils for the health of your hair then refer to Scandinavian Biolabs.

  • The Mega Volume Double Pony- With added height and extra length, this hairstyle will make your ponytail voluminous and stylish. Follow the steps mentioned below:

STEP 1: Go half up- Pull half of the hair above your hairs and tie them up, letting the hair beneath your hairs hang loose.

STEP 2: Double up- Scoop the leftover hair into a second ponytail right beneath the first one.

STEP 3: Tease it out- Tease the top ponytail using a fine-tooth comb just to create fullness and here you are done with the second hairstyle also.

  • The Knotted Low Bun- Show off an unexpected style with this braided bun. This hairstyle will make you look professional as well as beautiful. Try it out because it is very much easy.

STEP 1: Make braid- First of all you have to make a braid properly and tie the end with a headband. After that start making the bun.

STEP 2: Make the bun- Wrap the braid of your around the base and make it look like a bun. You can easily tuck the bun using bobby pins or bun pins. Here you are done with this hairstyle also.

  • The Fanned Out Bun- Make your hair look voluminous and fuller. If you want to try it out, then follow the below steps:

STEP 1: Make a high pony- First of all, you will have to tie a very high pony and then tuck it using a rubber band.

STEP 2: Wrap it- Grasp the end of the ponytail in your one hand and then with the other hand separate the hair directly under the hair. Ergo, make two sections with space between them, then pull the pony halfway through the opening created.

STEP 3: Fan it out- Using both the hands, gently fan out the hair in the bun. After that use a pin and tuck the hair properly with that. This hairstyle is also complete.

These are some of the hairstyles that can be done by women if they are running out of time. To have more get connected to our blog.