Dragons are one of the most well-known fanciful creatures. They are fire-breathing, winged monsters that plunge from different legends and stories. There are two distinct sorts that you’ll normally observe: The Eastern and the Western. The Eastern dragons of the orient are viewed as big-hearted creatures who are the defenders of life, richness, and favorable luck. Western ones will, in general, be evil creatures that wreck towns and gatekeeper’s crowds of fortune. As a tattoo, these creatures are typically spoken to in the Eastern style. They are ordinarily found in dark and usually drawn with flames and fire. however, Japanese and Chinese creatures are normally entirely elaborate and can be in shading or in black and white colors.

A Short History of Dragon Tattoos:

Dragons are mythical creatures that got prevalent and present in numerous societies, because of their otherworldly and incredible attributes. Dragons tattoos are very appealing to individuals from all classifications of age and interests precisely as a result of these puzzling and strong attributes that they pass on and furthermore because that their design can fluctuate a ton and be entirely adaptable for situation anyplace on the body. The size and state of the dragon can be altogether different, as indicated by every individual, a few people even deciding to tattoo a dragon on their entire leg or considerably more than that, on their entire body. 

“Dragon” arrived at its real shape after an interesting change. Its birthplace originates from the Greek word “derekein” which was utilized for snakes and signified “sharp-sighted” and after going to the Latins, the word became “Draco”, signifying “enormous snake”.

What do dragons symbolize?

The symbolic meaning of dragons is different, making it a very popular fanciful character. They can have conflicting translations, a few dragons being spiritualist, powerful and bringing hope, others being insidious and furious and dark. There are numerous stories with dragons where they can be found as sacred guardians, bosses of enigmas and wise advisors. Additionally, numerous saints like Hercules had missions of killing dragons to gain everlasting status or to demonstrate their bravery. 

We can comprehend that dragons implied a great deal from the beginning of time by seeing how they were utilized are still present as significant symbols for certain societies. For instance, the Vikings had dragon heads cut on their boats since they accepted that they will bring an intensity of the sight and more bravery to the warriors. More than that, the Chinese emperors picture themselves as dragons and encircle themselves with furniture and garments that have to the dragon on them.

Where did dragons come from:

It is said that dragons first showed up in stories in Mesopotamia, an old region which was then occupied by the Sumerian human advancement and now has the nations of Iran and Iraq. There are records of a dragon story with the pain dragon character called Asag who battled Ninurta, a saint God, the character having comparable capacities with the ones portrayed in the stories these days, guardian of treasures, a legend that avoided floods and shrewd guide. The Babylonians had extraordinary, higher convictions about dragons, including them in the genesis procedure along with the Gods. A portion of their dragon were defenders of fortunes, but the greater part of them was appeared as evil and as a source of misery for the Gods.

The Meaning of Dragon Tattoo Designs:

Dragon tattoos encapsulate a variety of virtues and characteristics, including:

  • Masculinity
  • Prosperity
  • Master of the Natural elements – Fire, Water, Air, and Earth 
  • Creation and Destruction
  • Strength and Power
  • Wisdom
  • Longevity
  • Spirituality
  • Tranquility, Mediation, and the Sub-conscious
  • Desire and Sexual Passion

You may or may not have known, but the colors to the dragon additionally have meanings. Certain hues speak to specific attributes. 

  • Green is generally connected with little dragons. It also speaks to life and earth.
  • black implies that the guardians are old and insightful. 
  • Yellow is related to those from the East and the individuals who are egotistical and helpful.
  • Blue is related to those from the west and represents to sluggishness, sympathy, and absolution. 
  • Gold has incredible properties, for example, knowledge, kindness, and supportiveness.

Type of Chinese Dragons:

There are nine sorts of old-style Chinese Dragons. They are as per the following: 

Yinglong, the Winged Dragons, are the most settled of each and every eastern dragon and the fundamental kind with wings. 

Dilong, the Underground Dragons, are earth monster whose endeavor it is to coordinate conduits and streams. According to a couple of records, they are the female accomplice of the Shenlong and they fly only in order to mate. 

Tianlong, the Celestial Dragons, are the perfect winged serpent who pull the chariots of the heavenly creatures and watchman their imperial homes.

Qianlong, the Horned Dragons, are viewed as the mightiest dragon. 

Panlong, the Coiling Dragons, are water dragons accepted to for the most part possess the pools of the Orient. 

Shenlong, the Spiritual Dragons, control the breeze and the deluge. 

Huanglong, the Yellow Dragons, once rose up out of the River Luo and showed the unfathomable Emperor Fu Hsi with the segments of forming. They are known for their keen data. 

Fucanglong, the Dragons of Hidden Treasures, are underground market black market mythical serpents which gatekeeper secured fortunes, both ordinary and man-made. Volcanoes are said to be made when they burst out of the ground to reply to heaven. 

Long Wang, the Dragon Kings, are pioneers over all of the four seas, those of the east, south, west, and north. Despite the fact that their actual structure is that of a dragon, they can shapeshift into the human structure. They live in precious stone castles monitored by shrimp officers and crab commanders.

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Types of Japanese dragon tattoos:


There are six sorts of Japanese dragons. They are as per the following

Kai-Riu, an excellent red-hued dragon, is typically littler than the others.

Fuku Riu is the most supported dragon of all, known for good karma.

Ri-Riu is known to be an extremely uncommon breed and elusive. Little is thought about it, but it has astonishing visual perception. 

Sue-Riu, the king of all dragons, is in charge of the downpour. 

Han-Riu, with stripes all over its body, is perhaps the greatest dragon with lengths up to 40 feet. 

Hai-Riyo, known as a dragon flying creature, is one of the most progressive types of dragons. It developed out of Chinese folklore. 

Common types of dragon tattoos:

Brass dragon:

Maximum length: 42 feet

Maximum wingspan: 50 feet

Breath weapon: cone of sleep gas, line of fire

Maximum height: 10 feet

Maximum weight: 60,000 pounds

Diet: Mountain goats, sheep, antelope, and other such creatures.

Bronze dragon:


Maximum weight: 160,000 pounds

Maximum height: 15 feet

Maximum wingspan: 80 feet

Breath weapon: repulsion gas, lightning

Habitat: Aquatic, Tropical Islands

Diet: Aquatic plants, shark meat, crustaceans

Copper dragon:

Maximum weight: 160,000 pounds

Maximum height: 12 feet

Maximum wingspan: 80 feet

Breath weapon: Cone of Slow Gas, Line of acid

Habitat: Dry, Rocky Mountains or desert

Diet: Scorpions and other venomous creatures

Gold dragon:

Maximum weight: 1,280,000 pounds

Maximum height: 22 feet

Maximum wingspan: 135 feet

Breath weapon: Cone of fire, weakening gas

Habitat: Anywhere, although they prefer secluded lairs

Diet: Small gems and pearls; they do not eat any living creatures

Silver dragon:

Maximum weight: 1,280,000 pounds

Maximum height: 22 feet

Maximum wingspan: 150 feet

Breath weapon: Cone of Cold, Penalization Gas

Habitat: High Mountains 

Diet: Almost anything; love tasting new thing

How to Choose a Dragon Tattoo Design?

Since tattoos are forever, you should pick your tattoo structure cautiously. It is additionally wise to go to a tattoo artist who has long stretches of understanding and is known for creating high-quality work.  Although you can pick a dragon tattoo design from a book or by the internet. If you are requiring a splendid, detailed dragon tattoo, it is perfect to have it inked very huge, so the winged serpent is perceptible and easy to perceive. if you would lean toward a little dragon tattoo, consider a design that uses a Celtic or inborn style. These tattoo styles are clear and crisp so a little winged serpent tattoo won’t give off an impression of being a mass of ink on the skin.

The average cost of getting dragon tattoos:

Much the same as most tattoos, this one doesn’t accompany a fixed cost. If you want a dragon tattoo design, by then be set up to shell out an enormous number of bucks. There are numerous spots where you can get a similar size and design of the tattoo at a sensible cost, but remember that the final products will also rely upon the ability of the artist. Meet your artist before decided which dragon you want. This permits the both of you to examine the kind of structure you need to have, just as set a fixed cost for the design.

If your design incorporates the dragon’s tail over your body, at that point this can make your dragon tattoo to some costly, additionally the procedure maybe twice as difficult. This could also take hours to finish, causing you to pay considerably more money.

Final words

Dragons are one of the top record-breaking top picks where it comes to tattoo art. The hypnotizing, complex symbolism of the dragon as an image, got together with the way that the plan regularly looks astounding, settle on the dragon tattoo a perfect choice for basically everyone.