In short you do not you know which nail polish or nail art to choose based on how you are? Do not worry, professionals are there for you. Choosing the right shade of semi-permanent nail polish is not easy. But you can narrow the circle of nuance by following the right path depending on the length of your nails or your hands and the color of your complexion. Arm yourself with patience and follow advice carefully. And about the branded products buy Kodi Professional in official store to reshape the beauty of your nails once again that has been lost long ago.

Short or stubby fingers

First of all apply the normal or semi-permanent polish on the nails keeping some space free on the sides and at the base of the nail so as to create an optical effect of elongation and tapering. Furthermore, your nails should not be too long or too short and should favor a rounded and not square shape. Treat dark colors such as black, midnight blue and burgundy thus avoiding light colors like white and nude shades. Avoid even opaque nail art so leave your nails shiny and shiny.

Short nails

Choose a rounded or pointed shape and during your manicure you will have to be able to carefully push your cuticles to the end in order to give you a few millimeters more. Even in the case of short nails spread the enamel only in the center of the nail to give an effect of elongation and leaving space on the sides. Remove dark colors from your collection of nail polishes which would further shorten the length of your nails and welcome bright, glittery and pasted colors.

Long nails

The password is the maximum care in the smallest details. In fact your beautiful long nails will be the center of attention given their size. It is not easy to know how to carry them because they are easy to break and above all your enamel could get rid of more easily. Use fine and neutral colors to make your manicure elegant.

Light complexion

Delicate and pastel nuances are the ones for you. Treat yourself to greyish nude colors and shades of blue that will avoid the pale effect on your clear hands. You can even dare with cool shades of red and pink that will give vivacity to your complexion.

Conclusion: tips to know

The gel polish is suitable for those who want to have a perfect manicure that lasts a long time but without resorting to nail reconstruction using a type of technique that can also be done at home through a DIY kit without the need to go to beautician. The gel polish is recommended for those who have fragile nails and who can hardly keep them long but not to those who have gnawed or ruined by nail bites.