‘’A kiss on the hand might feel very good, but a diamond tiara is forever” Marilyn Monroe

Have you ever wondered, what is it about diamonds that every woman simply love them so much? Is it the sparkle? Is it the silky looks? Or, is it the shape?

Diamonds are the ancient history of expressing affecting, gratitude and adoration. A woman can simply never have too many diamonds in her life.

Without escaping the fact, diamonds are better than any other gem you can possibly think of. Even though we all have our own personal likings and preferences, we have one thing in common – we think of diamonds as an ultimate fashion statement. At the end of the day, what’s not to love about them?

The relationship between the girls and diamonds is a tale old as time, yet not a single thing has changed.

Frankly, we still live in an era where possessing diamond jewelry is satisfaction and a massive ego booster for all women. Diamonds became rituals for some, and luxury for others. Nonetheless, there is the same amount of excitement and love towards it.

Jewelry is a form of expression, and what’s a better way to do it than to wear a stunning diamond jewelry? The choices are limitless and the sparkle is guaranteed.

Diamonds deservedly are quite symbolic. Mankind adopted traditions of gifting diamonds in order to mean something. So, today we have the must-have diamond engagement rings, diamond necklaces as a standing proof of proudness, as well as diamond earrings to show how much someone means to us. Every single piece of diamond jewelry has its own story. And it tells it in the most beautiful way possible.

Although the times revolutionized, women still stuck with diamonds as their best friend. We still keep choosing them over any other stone or piece of jewelry that exists. Regardless of us wearing modern and fancy clothes, the diamond jewelry is our antique touch of uniqueness and classiness.

We embraced ripped jeans, crazy hair colors, odd looks, face tattoos and piercings. Yet we still managed not to forget the diamonds. People around the world are executing millions od piercing procedures on a daily basis, of which the most common are belly button piercings, earrings, nose and tongue piercings.

With that being said, most of those piercings are in fact diamond piercings.

Nose rings are usually diamond rings as every girl obviously wants to dominate with that looks. Nose diamond rings are easy to be found and there is a variety of choices every lady can pick from. Differing from sizes to colors, a beautiful diamond nose ring can meet everyone’s needs.

Speaking of piercings and diamonds, let’s not forget the lip rings.

Placed almost at the end of the pyramid of most common women piercings, these definitely deserve a shoutout. Diamond lip rings are the commonly used and most sold in their industry. It is needless to say that it’s all due to how they look on a gentle face.

There really is no question remaining about why women still keep choosing diamonds even if the cultures are changing.

You know how they say – Diamonds are forever.

Aren’t they?