CORE Watches – The New Face Of Time – Handcrafted, Swiss movement, surgical grade stainless steal, with a beautiful sapphire glass face, CORE watches emit luxury and class.

CORE Watches teamed up with the experts behind the movement of Tag Heuer’s watches as well as other high end experienced watch makers in order to go above and beyond to make sure this watch is truly special.

The company came to be through the 3 founders’ mutual passion for watches. The guys come from very different backgrounds and have followed different career paths, and are overjoyed that their mutual love for watches has brought them to a point where they can turn this passion into a company that they get to run together, while adhering to the needs of the modern day man.

Having come from very different walks of life, our founders were able to bring their life experience to the table when deciding on what to create. Max is a lifelong entrepreneur who became an import specialist at 20 years old and has since launched and run multiple successful businesses also specializing in the Amazon and Ebay marketplaces. Matt is a PR professional who regularly rubs shoulders with Hollywood’s elite. He’s made press in 98 countries and is well known for generating creative stories and marketing plans that light the internet on fire through viral videos and stories in all the top media publications. Will is a creative genius who produces music, art, and is also currently pursuing his masters in environmental sustainability. On the surface, the guys are very different, but their intricate knowledge and perspectives allow them the ability to create something truly unique. A mutual passion for style and accessories, specifically watches has set these friends on a path to become an affordable luxury watch brand.

The environment is something that CORE as a company care about as well. CORE believes that given all the bad that we do as humans, it’s only right we find a way to give back. CORE decided that planting a tree for every sale would be a great way to give back and even went so far as making it their logo! “Trees are the CORE of our existence, without them we wouldn’t be able to breathe… Kind of how you’ll feel without a Core watch on your wrist!”

CORE is the hot new luxury watch of 2017!

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