2018 will bring with it plenty of popular men’s haircuts that you can sport to look your best this year. Here are some of the trends you’re likely to see increase in popularity as the year goes on.

Side Part Haircuts

Side part haircuts are among the most popular this year for men, whether they want a classic or contemporary look. It can be anywhere from clean-cut to bold, and a comb over fade contributes even more to its appeal.

Taper haircuts and medium-length hair will also require styling on the sides, but it’s still easy to do. You can also go matte on the top for a classical look, or try other styles to add flair and uniqueness to your cut.

High Fade Haircuts

High fade haircuts cut hair extremely short or even down to the skin and back of the head. This cut gives the appearance of thicker hair while focusing attention to the hairstyle on top of the head, be it long or short.

High fades can be used as an addition for any haircut including short buzz cuts to longer hair that’s styled in a pompadour or comb over. You can also use this style for curly hair to create a textured mop top or try other styles.

Shaved Side Cuts

Haircuts with shaved sides are a great choice for many men of varying lengths. Shaved sides work with undercuts and fades, emphasizing the hair on top and making it look thicker.

Fade haircuts will taper down from short to shorter, or even go down to the skin. Shave sides also typically have mid to high fades.

Short Hairstyles

Men with shorter hair are also in luck, as there are plenty of ways to get creative with short haircuts. Classic looks will still be in, but you can also try a host of fresh looks.

Short cuts balance low maintenance with high style, and are quick to dry while looking great. Some of the popular looks this year include textured crops with and without fringe. There’s practically no limit to the types of styles available for short cuts.

Neckline Hair Designs

Another way to stand out in 2018 is to do something with your neck or beard. Today, you can easily make your hair stand out with a unique neckline hair design, whether you want something simple or a complex design that gives you the appearance that draws attention.

You’ll look your best with a neckline design along with a high fade or other complementary hairstyle that contributes to your overall look. You can also let your barber get creative and apply his own flair.

These are some of the many original hairstyles that will continue to gain popularity as the year progresses.

If you’re unsure which you should try the next time you visit your local barbershop, consider asking your barber for a personal recommendation. He can help you decide on the right look to carry throughout the year and beyond.