Options Galore

One may suppose, in way of purchasing a tuxedo, there might not be much to it:  however, this is not the truth.  Yet, the average consumer may think, at first; that purchase of a formal tuxedo amounts to a button-down jacket with trousers:  What could possibly be difficult about such a purchase?   This type of thinking ends as soon as the individual walks into the tuxedo location where he plans renting his prom attire and is shown all sorts of choices:  Now what?  Multiple options are, in other words, shown to the customer.  Questions arise, on the part of the salesperson, such as: Which do you prefer?   A one button or two button suit?    In realistic terms, there are many more choices than two, such as three and four button options, no button choices, varieties of vests, whether or not the person wishes to wear his formal suit with a bow tie or neck tie; and if so standard or skinny and the list is endless.  The following article, then, is designed to clear up some of the confusion as to options; and provide the reader with a general sense of today’s trends as well as classic styles—appropriate and applicable to what is trending.

A Word to the Wise:  Do Not Put off Renting a Tuxedo for the Prom to the Last Minute

The person who puts off renting his tuxedo is akin to the person who puts off his homework until the very last minute.  It is not worth the last minute scramble. It is important,too, for such an important event as a prom, that the attendee take time to find the best fit and size since waiting may present a challenge. Wilkes Barre prom tux rentals are easily accessible and remain viable venues where to find the best in the way of formal suit choices, appropriate for proms in the area.

The Best Approach is to determine which Style is Most Appropriate

The best strategy for the man wishing to look his serious best for his prom is to start by investigating his fashion options.  A good place to start is by conducting a little research.  However, in order to save time and energy, it is best the consumer keep in mind—as far as proms nowadays–no one ever goes wrong with black.  If decision-making becomes seriously impaired:  not only is black a very classic look; it is, at the same time, being worn very casually. One look which seems to appear quite viable is the black formal suit type of arrangement; one button on suit coat with satin grey tie, white shirt.  In other words, the drape is good, and this contemporary yet classic styled look seems popular on the East Coast as well as other places too.  That said, every man to his own fashion statement, and other looks should be investigated as well; naturally, appropriate to the wearer.

He said — she said:   The Way to Go When it Comes to Men’s Prom Apparel is:  “He Says Goes”

Many good-natured guys will go along with matching their attire with that of their date’s wearing apparel.  This type of thinking is utterly passé.  The best approach is for the wearer to choose a tuxedo right for him.  Think of celeb’s red carpet affairs:  certainly, the couples are wearing what is right for each of them:  it is not like they met before the gala event and compared notes on how to complement each other’s attire.  The wearer is right then, to fit the formal apparel he selects to his frame and personality.   Guys who wear the skinny type of jean should wear flat faced trousers which are slim fit.  A more traditional sort of man may wish to stop short of a vest and wear shirt and satiny tie.  Guys who like a casual look might wish to opt for the bold tie look over that of a classic bow tie.  Again, the wearer is well-advised to wear what is right for him.  He is right not hesitate to go online, either, in order to check what the most fashionable of celebrities are wearing:   Many men are wearing formal; yet casual looks to galas such as the look alluded to above.

In conclusion:

The look to wear is what is right for the wearer’s build and personality.  No one can go wrong with black; casual versions of black within the guidelines of classic styling should be explored and appropriately captured.  It is best to remember the world of formal attire is saturated with options:  so the best way to approach the fact is to investigate online and see what is happening in the world of men’s formal attire and fashion.  Celebs who attend red carpet events and quite popular with the public seem to be capturing the classic; yet, casual trend.