Synopsis: A man’s lifestyle is a primary consideration when choosing a wedding ring and there are obvious reasons such as work and comfort that should be reflected on as well.

Nowadays, men and women wearing wedding rings are commonplace. But, the practice of men wearing wedding rings began much later than the tradition of women wearing these symbols of love and marital commitment.

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In the early twentieth century, men’s wedding rings became popular in the United States and Europe as men were assigned to fight for their countries during the war. The rings served as symbols of being in a committed relationship even while they were away on duty. The practice of exchanging wedding rings as signs of marital commitment then became vital parts of Western marriages, which eventually spread across the modern world.

And yet, even with its short history, the task of purchasing a man’s wedding ring is just as challenging as finding the perfect wedding ring for a woman. Aside from the numerous choices of rings ranging from materials used to designs, you also need to consider the lifestyle of the man in your life to ensure that he does wear the jewellery piece for as long as you are committed to each other.

In choosing mens wedding rings, you need to consider his lifestyle, personality, likes, dislikes, and other preferences. All these factors play significant roles in helping find the ring with which your significant other will be happiest and most comfortable with.

Choosing a ring that not only fits the finger perfectly but goes well with your man’s lifestyle is a necessary consideration because you want them to wear it every day. For example, if your man is into sports or plays an instrument, then a ring made of hard metal and with rounded edges is recommended. Such style will allow the much-needed durability as well as a comfortable fit.

Here are a few questions when you consider his lifestyle as a factor for picking out his wedding ring:

  1. Is the ring appropriate for his work?

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Depending on your man’s work, the wedding ring options vary widely. For example, if he works with machinery and chemicals, narrow rings made from more durable materials are highly recommended. Consider that constant exposure to different substances can affect the ring’s appearance and integrity. Also, if the ring you opt for has an elaborate style, the risks of the jewellery piece getting snagged or stuck on the machinery are increased.

If the wedding ring is not suitable for the working environment, where your man spends the majority of his time, then it becomes impractical and uncomfortable for him to continue wearing the ring on his ring finger. The tendency then is to take off the ring while at work or to opt to wear the ring on a chain.

  1. Does the ring match his personality?

We all choose items based on our personalities, and that is why it is essential when considering what wedding ring to buy for your man. Logically, when you choose a wedding ring that matches your man’s personality, he will be comfortable wearing it and pairing the item with the rest of his wardrobe. For example, if he’s the romantic type, consider getting him a band that is meaningful and special. Thin round-edged bands made from gold, silver, or platinum with a simple centre stone are recommended.

  1. Will he be comfortable wearing the wedding ring?

If you want your spouse to wear his ring all day, every day, then make sure that it sits comfortably on his ring finger. In line with this consideration, you have to look into the band’s size or circumference, the shape of the band’s edge and that of the inside surface, and the band’s width.