You may have read somewhere that fashion is frivolous, a luxury that’s not relevant to “real” life. Before you give in to this false statement and decide that dressing for dinner isn’t important, consider the reasons for looking your best when you are having a formal meal. A successful life has an element of discipline in it along with a sense of well-being that comes from being groomed and presentable to others.

Of course, there is more than one way to look and feel your best; however, for the gentleman, the dinner suit is one of the must-have items. For centuries, it was not just traditional to wear your best clothing for an evening meal. It was required. This holds true even today in many restaurants and in many homes as well. One of the primary reasons for this has to do with maintaining a sense of style and that sense of well-being already mentioned.

Jacket Required?

There’s no reason to think that you can’t be well-dressed and look your best for your next formal meal, especially if you have Suited Up dinner suits as part of your wardrobe. If you’ve been invited for dinner at someone’s home (friend or business associate) or if your evening plans include fine dining at one of the area’s great restaurants, change your clothing and your style. You’d be surprised at how much better you feel, how much more ready you’ll be when it comes to enjoying the evening.

Choose one of several tuxedo styles with a slim fit, satin lapels, and jetted pockets. The one-button design gives this option a great line to be complemented by a carefully chosen bow tie. If you’d like to have classic straight-flap pockets, you can select the Royce design and add an understated grey bow tie to complete the look.

Classic with Vest

Maybe the classic dinner suit is the choice for you with two-button closure, angle/flap pockets, and Permacrease classic-fit trousers. Add a five-button vest for the formal look you desire. Naturally, every great dinner suit has the complementary bow tie or classic straight tie, pocket squares with various designs and colours, square or round cufflinks, and tie clip. Of course, you’ll want to select a pair of comfortable black leather shoes to complete your ensemble.

It’s interesting to note that many designers and those who promote dressing for dinner believe that when you are well-dressed and groomed for dinner, you are showing the host, hostess, or chef that you respect their skills and their efforts. Putting effort into your dinner clothing means that you are physically and mentally prepared for a fine dining experience. Men can make this important choice and statement by carefully selecting an affordable dinner suit with suitable accessories. Do your part to make the dining experience memorable.