Although the word vacation is synonymous with “break” and “relaxation”, you’re likely not looking forward to the period of traveling preparation that is required before this so-called period of peace. We all know the familiar need to push the duty of packing our suitcases until the last minute. But because packing can be one of the most dreaded tasks ahead of a vacation, it’s important to be fully prepared and pack your suitcase accordingly to your vacation needs. Because choosing what wardrobe to pack, and remembering what to place in your luggage for every occasion possible can be both a taxing affair, we’re here to give you outfit ideas along with what you should remember to pack.

For the Hotel or AirBNB Nights

While you may remember to pack a wardrobe for the days out and about and the endless tourist pictures planned, you can’t forget to pack something to sleep in overnight. Coming home after a long day of traversing a new country or state can be a tiring affair. The best way to relax after a long day is to slip into something comfortable that makes you feel at home, or even exactly like at home. Pack your suitcase with a pair of pajamas, or if you don’t have one with a simple soft shirt and a pair of shorts.

For a Night Out

Whether your vacations take you on a late night out in the city, or on a nice candlelit dinner for two at a local gem, you’ll be needing to pack a perfect outfit for a night out. If the occasion calls for a special ensemble, here are a couple of options to pack.

  • An LBD, Little black dress – clubbing or dinner date
  • Dress up a pair of dark jeans with a silk tank – a more casual affair
  • Strappy or Platform heels

For a Day at the Beach

Nothing says summer like a day lounging on the sand by the beach. Even if your travel doesn’t end up taking you anywhere near the coast, your hotel will likely have a nice cold pool for you to partake in. Remembering to pack a cute bikini or one piece shouldn’t be forgotten. After getting out of the water, you’ll want to dry off and be able to throw on something simple over the top, so pack a sundress or a simple shirt, like a concert tee or a Christian T-shirt, for a beach cover-up. You also don’t want to end up getting a bunch of sand stuck in your shoes, so bring a change of shoes, such as a pair of flip flops, sandals, or Birkenstocks.

For Brunch or Breakfast

If you’re planning to enjoy your Sunday morning on vacation at a local branch or breakfast spot sipping mimosas and snacking on eggs and biscuits, you’ve also got to look the part. Don a straw sunhat with a slip dress over a simple white t-shirt, or a summery maxi dress for an early or midday brunch. Don’t forget to also pack a pair of strappy sandals or wedge heels to polish off your look.