If you look at the fashions that were popular in the recent past, you can see that we have veered away from that type of formality today. Now, fashions, in business and social environments are more relaxed. Stylish clothes today invite more activity. You can keep up to date with the latest trends here.

That is why the following types of clothes are trending and popular. Featured apparel includes the following:

  • Short-sleeve and long-sleeved t-shirts, as well as ladies’ skinny t-shirts
  • Women’s and men’s hoodies
  • Onesies and skinny jeans
  • Jogging pants
  • Polo shirts, sweatshirts, and Oxford shirts
  • Men’s combat trousers, rugby clothing, fleece jackets, and baseball caps

The Appeal of Onesies

One of the favourites and comfortable fashions offered by companies such as EthicStar are onesies. While you probably wore a onesie when you were an infant, this fashion is considered comfy and convenient for an adult as well.

Therefore, adults wear onesies for the same reasons that babies do – they are snuggly and warm. By wearing this pyjama type apparel, you can enjoy the outdoors even on a cold and blustery day. Onesies, which are typically made of a cotton blend, often are featured in neutral grey or a variety of vibrant hues.

A Wide Range of Sizes

You can even have onesies printed if you wish. The garment is made of a classic hoodie material, which makes it ideal for transfer or screen printing. Choose the apparel in sizes from small to extra-large.

Colour Selections

Besides neutral grey, onesies are available in colours such as red, royal blue, hot pink, kelly green, navy blue, purple, and white.

Stay Active and Warm

This garment is designed for women and men as well as toddlers. You can buy onesies for children as well. This one-piece jumpsuit is the ultimate way to promote an activity or, again, stay warm in the winter time. Everything about a onesie promotes activity.

That is interesting, especially when you consider that the original idea behind a onesie was to make an infant comfortable enough to sleep. What was once used for sleeping is now a garment that supports a mobile and active lifestyle.

Spend More Time Outside

Even people who are not all that active will notice a difference when their clothing is comfortable and permits additional movement. Therefore, onesies and hoodies force people to spend more time outside. The same can be said about tees and jogging bottoms.

Men’s and Women’s Skinny Jeans

Men’s and women’s skinny jeans promote movement too. That is because the jeans are manufactured from a 2% stretch Lycra material, thereby offering a fit that is both comfortably snug and streamlined. Skinny jeans are available in twill as well as denim material. Some of the colours featured include snow wash, black, and indigo blue. These jeans are great to pair with t-shirts and hoodies.

Must-Have Garments

Women’s skinny jeans feature low-rise looks that support a classic five-pocket denim style. These drainpipe jeans are must-have garments for any man or woman. If you want to make a fashion statement, this is the way to do it.