Travelling to a foreign destination requires a lot of arrangements and planning. Staring from booking your tickets and other documentations for verification, you need to take your essentials and clothes too. One of the most essential things that you need to consider is your health and medicines. Thus, before you travel you need to pay a visit to your general physician or a travel medicine doctor. When you are visiting your doctor you would need to check up your present medical condition and see if you are up-to-date with your vaccinations.

 The doctor will prescribe medicines and vaccinations according to your health and the destination you are travelling to. However while taking the medicines along with you, see if you are eligible for carrying those medicines, especially when travelling to a foreign destination. There are many countries that may not allow some drugs. However if you go to a travel  doctor then he will be able to give you suggestions on which medicines you can take and what are the medicines that you might not be allowed to take while travelling to a foreign destination. There are some medicines that may not be allowed to be taken out of your own country as well.

 While you are travelling abroad you need to see a doctor weeks ahead of your journey date. So when you are visiting the doctor before your travel, ask him if you need any special arrangements or document in order to take your medicines. The doctors and other authorities will be able to help you in taking the steps that is required. If you are not sure of what medicines and drugs are allowed in the visiting country you can check the websites of that country for the rules and regulations. Since different countries have different regulations you would need to abide by the rules of the country you would be visiting. So when you are checking for the information online you must check the types of medicines that you are allowed to carry and the maximum amount of medicine that you can carry.

medicine abroad

 You can check out the various online travel doctor websites for these rules as well. However you must remember that countries like Turkey, India and Pakistan does not allow all medicines in their country. These countries have a list of medicines that are barred from entering. You may also contact the country’s embassy for the list before you are travelling