An ambitious project to design Black Empowerment itself

Black Legacy is a Black Power clothing brand that was born two years ago from the Congolese adventurous mind of Tarek. The brand is 100% black owned and operated, and focuses on proposing original and striking designs to promote Black Empowerment. Some of them, like the Anti-KKK full print t-shirts, are making some people angry and the brand creator said he regularly receive racial insults and death threats. “That only prove that they are scared of us, which proves we must be doing something right!” he told us about this topic.

The brand is depicting the Black people in general in glorious situations, winning against its enemies and making representations of some of its most glorious heroes. Whether we talk about Malcolm X, Angela Davis or Shaka Zulu, all of them have their own products. The brand also adheres to the ideals of the Black Panther Party, that the Afro-American community must fight for its right, build its own economic and influence power and stimulates its own economy. It means that Black Legacy stands for a black community with its own black owned businesses, spending its money inside the community and developing its neighbourhoods.

The T-shirts are high quality, therefore a bit more expensive than usual, especially for the signature fullprints T-shirts which are sold for 39,99$. “The fullprint products require a very specific type of T-shirts so we can use this technique of printing by sublimation, they are high quality but pretty expensive in the first place” Tarek said, “However we make sure to offer Free Shipping on all our products not to make the customer support another cost!”.

However, the design created by the Black Legacy brand are pretty striking and they succeed in incarnating the Black power of the great African-American leaders!


How to represent the grandeur of African and Black History

The clothing brand likes to talk about the roots of the black community, Africa, and other a variety of Pan-african, afrocentric and African T-shirts and hoodies. “The idea is also to make our customers learn about the history of African great leaders, how they fought the colonists and oppressors and thrived to make Africa united and powerful, a quest more important than ever today!” explained Tarek. Indeed, from Thomas Sanka to Patrice Lumumba, passing by Kwame Nkrumah, it is several pages of panafricanism and African glory that are depicted on these T-shirts

The Shaka Zulu T-shirt from the Afrocentric T-shirts collection (

After two years of activity, Black Legacy is already the number one black power brand on the market, being followed by 75000 followers on Facebook and 22000 on Instagram on this day. It’s original designs, brave and straightforward way to pass their black empowerment message has seduced a lot of African Americans who want to buy from a black owned clothing company. Please check the products of this young and ambitious brand here at Blacklegacy. Black Power!