That beard trend is still going strong in 2017. A lot of guys have full and thick beards as an important accessory that completes their look and a lot of guys have problems growing a beard. Also, there are guys who don’t know how to take proper care of their beards or guys that still choose to stay clean shaved and don’t want to grow one. However the beard trend is here to stay and there are many facial hair styles that many men rock and women love.

Many women said that they feel more protected when they are near a guy with a beard. They also think that bearded guys will have better parenting skills. Bearded men are seen as more powerful, masculine and sexy by more and more women. Maybe it is because of the trend that is present everywhere or maybe there are other reasons like personal taste.

However, let’s take a look at some of the Facial Hair Styles of 2017 and see if your style is listed. Or, if you decided to grow a beard, decide which one will suit you the best.

Short beard style

This short beard style is more about shape than length. It still gives the manly look and the defined geometry play up facial features. Maybe you don’t want too much hair on your face, but still want to keep your beard. This style is the perfect solution for that. No matter what your profession is, you will look classy, clean and sophisticated. Short beard style is the choice of many men who don’t want that bush on their face to prove their masculinity.

Beard with Fade

If you choose this style, there are two ways to do it: create a defined shape that will stand out against the skin or to taper down the side buns so the hair will fade up into the beard. Maybe this is one of the coolest beard styles for men. Although it is more present among the young men, there are more and more men above the age of 50 who decide on this beard look because they want to stay modern and keep up with the younger generations.

Beard + Bald

This is a classic combination and will always be popular, not just in 2017. Bald head contrasting with a full beard always looks good. But, the key if you decide to have this style is to keep your facial hair well-groomed always. Some men have problems with baldness and that’s the reason they go for this style. But there are also men who do it on purpose- they shave their head and let that beard grow.

Low fade haircut and full beard

This is also a classic style that will make you look like a real gentleman. It accentuates the man’s face in a good way. That low fade haircut perfectly tapers into the facial hair. Many modern men go for this look and yes, when a man with this beard style comes in the room, women can’t take their eyes off of him. Do you need more reasons to understand why men go for this beard style?

The long beard

Well, this long beard style comes and goes throughout the years. But this year, we have definitely seen some men with long beards. The opinions about this look are divided: some think that this style gives you the look: “I’m in charge here”. Some think this style makes you look like “homeless”. However, many men like it and don’t give up on that long beard, no matter what others think, which leads to other opinion- men who look like this are rebels without a cause maybe?

Man Bun and Beard

Many women said: these two (man bun and beard) go together like tequila and lemon. And tequila and lemon makes people happy right? This style is a super hit on the runways, on the streets, in the working companies, in music videos, everywhere! It doesn’t look good on everyone, but if it looks good on you, it is the winning combination.

You’ve made up your mind?

Thanks to these beard styles, the beard trend survived the year of 2017, and will definitely be present in the following year too, so it is important to keep that beard healthy. However, growing a beard may not be an easy task for everyone. Men with thin or rare beards should look for good beard growth products to achieve this look.

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