Beard has long chronological evidence in the history of mankind. It has been through quite an up and rises status in the fashion world. In ancient times, the beard is considered as the most apparent sign of a teen boy’s transformation into a physically agile man. Thus, it was supposedly there to stay. There have been a lot of folklore attached to beard. Different ages and different societies have different connotations attached to it. For example, Americans considered the presence of beard as a symbol of wealth and status. However, Over the passage of time and age, the status of the beard alleviates from these received pearls of wisdom to just a sartorial representation of a man’s facial hair.

With the entire economical upsurge which resultantly came with industrial revolution; the corporate culture took charge of the man’s aesthetic attire. This fashion phenomenon which is driven by the corporate culture totally dejected the beard. And it was signified as that a person with a beard is a lazy, ugly, and involved in drugs. So people backed out entirely. However, it is only recently that people have started to again adorn this. The greatest reason behind this come back of the beard is that celebrities like David Beckham and others have proved that how a beard can be worn with a classy and neat look. So if you are one of those guys who have an inherent inclination of having a beard. Buddy! It is a soaring time to get your aspiration fulfilled. 2018 has come up with beard styles some classy vintage ones while some edgy and contemporary as well.

If you want to grow a beard or already have one, this article will provide you the best style guide for your beards this year. Below are the most popular beard designs this year.

1) Full-grown thick beard: Addition to neat cut out symmetrical beard shapes, full-grown less trimmed beard is also back in fashion. You can now adorn yourself with a beard without investing too much on gadgets to keep it maintained.

2) The Beardstache: Another very trendy beard style these days is the short beard with a thickest mustache. You don’t need to wait for months to grow your beard to fullest. A thick trimmed super short beard will serve the purpose.

3) Short beard with faded sideburns: For all those corporate slaves who cannot step into their office without shaving. Guys this style is for you! You can now pull up your beard by fading your sideburns.

4) Stubble: This style of beard which is somewhere halfway in between a clean shave and fully grown beard is best suited to people who want to show their skin but still want some kind of beard.

5) The Goatee: this has been in trend the past decade so much that every other guy is pulling it off. The reason is that it is low in maintenance and high on style.