American Eagle Online! Athletic Fit Jeans Style Ideal for Athletes

Comfortable, fit, and trendy jeans’ pair looks awesome when you are watching a movie in the lounge, going to your work or spending time with best friends. Finding a comfortably fit pair is not as easy as people consider. Athletic-fit jeans are specially designed for guys having an athletic build, particularly lower bodies. Such pairs of jeans are tapered around the waist in order to provide some room for the hamstring and gluteal area. The flexible material, tapered waist, narrow area below the knee, and well-fitted around the ankle are some of the features of Athletic Fit jeans. Get American Eagle promo code for getting athletic fit jeans in different shades at an economical price. 

This denim fit is a perfect choice for those having muscular thighs. The customized fitting gives enough room to adjust the thighs still maintaining the shape close to the ankle. Guys having well-built thighs search for the relaxed fit pair but do not want a baggy look. The tapered style athletic fit jeans are highly popular as the use of stretchable material allows smooth and easy movement. 

Leg Opening of Athletic Fit Jeans

The leg opening of athletic-fit jeans varies from one brand to another. Usually, the tapered cut provides an ideal fit without giving a baggy look. The leg opening is either slim or straight to match with different body shapes.  

There are many other styles that are tapered near the ankle area but the athletic fit is different as it emphasizes movable thighs. Slim-straight denim jeans also offer loose thigh areas but these are not as spacious as athletic fit jeans are. These pants are the best for people who perform workouts on regular basis and have exceptional muscular shape thighs. The athletic fit jeans act as a hybrid to give spacious above the knee area and tailored slim below the knee cut. It is noticed that people who have average thighs also try athletic fit jeans as they need additional space and a seat above the knees. Avail American Eagle promo code for getting a few pairs of athletic fit jeans at a reasonable price.

Men having skinny thighs should not wear athletic-fit jeans. For such type of body shape, skinny fit or slim fit jeans are perfect. These days, athletic fit skinny jeans are also available that are meant to provide skinny thighs the required room to perform workouts easily. 

Difference between Slim Fit & Athletic Fit

Both styles have a diversity of features. It is obvious that slim jeans offer a smart cut from the hip towards the ankle. Slim fit is particularly designed for skinny legs. Comparatively, the athletic fit is slim close to the knees but loose around the hips. The athletes should wear athletic fit style otherwise they feel as if the thighs are going to come apart from slim fit jeans. Extra room in athletic fit jeans makes it easy to crouch, bend or run without any problem. Mention American Eagle promo code for adding a few pairs of athletic fit jeans to your wardrobe and make your active time enjoyable.