Winter is already here and it is going to stay for next few months now. This means winter preparation like warm clothes, hot chocolate, christmas and new year preps should be on point.But with winter one has to think about the type of accessories to style up the outfit as per the climate. Winter get really harsh, dry and freezing. So it is only advisable to revamp your wardrobe with some essential winter special men’s accessories.

Let us have a look about the seasonal collection of accessories that will make your winter simply perfect.

So what accessories are great for men?

Accessories are of different types and they add style, personality and elegance to your entire appearance. This could be a silk pocket square or a woollen scarf. There are many unique styles and ways to accessorise your outfit. From patterns to colours, men’s accessories are something you cannot do without this winter.

Here are some of the necessary winter accessories for men.


A solid pair of socks with soft and warm fabric is a must in your winter accessory list. Socks are perfect accessories to keep your feet warm and toasty. From cold to colder regions, socks do wonders in warming your body. For winter, buy socks made of wool or synthetic fabric so that the heat gets trapped inside. You can also buy socks made of fleece. These are excellent for harsh winter climate and have great insulating properties. Socks are of different colours and prints to choose from. If you are looking for formal socks, go for dark and solid coloured socks.


You are absolutely wrong if you think that ties are not for winter. The knit ties are absolutely great for winter months and they even look nice with your outfit. Floral pattern on ties and dark colours are much in demand. You can try dark floral patterns or simple floral prints for a smart and trendy look. But you can also try some other colours such as matte subdued colours for a smart and clean look. Adding a tie with your winter suit is all about fun and at the same time you need to do it all right.

Pocket Squares

To team with a perfect suit, a pocket square is an ideal accessory. A pocket square must not match your tie; rather it should be in contrast combination. Also, the colour of the pocket square should complement the suit you are wearing. You may also leave your tie and just accessorise your winter suit with a pocket square.


Headwears are of various types such as hats, caps, beanies and lots more. Headwears in winter protect your head, ears and face from cold winds. They can also add style to your overall appearance.


Winter gloves are specifically designed to give protection against freezing weather conditions. Leather or woollen gloves are really much needed things in chilling winters. Gadget-friendly gloves are also available for people who frequently work on smart devices.

Now that you know the winter accessory essentials, be well prepared and stock your wardrobe to beat the cold months. Welcome winter!