When you get to the point of buying a wig or a hairpiece to add to your hair, you have two major options to start off with: synthetic or human hair. Another option is micro-bead-hair-extensions and you can find all the information about it at https://korsdiscount.net/micro-bead-hair-extensions-pros-and-cons/ Synthetic and human hair both have advantages and limitations, so which one is right? You can find lots of information online about which is better. Here are some of the advantages and limitations of each type of hair.

Human Hair

When it comes to realism, it is hard to beat human hair. While synthetic hair looks good, there is something to be said about how real human hair wigs and hairpieces shines, moves, and reacts. Plus, human hair is a lot easier to style. You can create one look one day, and go for a totally different look the next day. So long as you keep your human hair clean and you treat it nicely, you can continue styling it as you please for a very long time.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair can come in a huge variety of colors and cuts, which gives you the ability to change up your look regularly. Plus, it is easy to manufacture, making it easier to come by and often less expensive than human hair. While you can get it in many cuts and colors, once it has been styled, that is the style it is going to stay in. If you try and change the style, you run the risk of damaging the product and it not having the same look or feel. Synthetic hair is very shiny, allowing for it to pick up light and shine. However, it does give off a different shine than natural human hair does.

Pick What Works Best for Your Needs

When comparing human hair and synthetic hair, what matters most is that you get the feel and look you want most. It is going to be a personal choice, much like the choice to use a hairpiece or wig in the first place. Make sure to go with the one that makes you feel and look your best. It doesn’t matter if someone else thinks one type of hair is better. What matters is what you want.

To figure out which option would be best for you, consider reaching out to us here at Look of Love. We have both human and synthetic hair for sale, so you can pick whichever gives you that perfect look and feel.