If you want to spice up your makeup game and turn to something new, you should try out lash extensions! They are a time-saving solution, which is very easy to achieve, as well as maintain. Unfortunately, not all women are well-informed about the process itself, so they often give up on the idea, and instead stick to their most known solution-mascara. However, we will explain the process to you in the article, and you will be able to see that it is not scary or painful.

How Are Lash Extensions Done?

They are always applied by a certified esthetician, and at a sterile salon. They are not hard to achieve, as long as the person who’s doing them has had years of experience and practice. However, they are hard to do on your own, and you should only stick with a professional. If you do, here is how the process is going to look like:

  1. Stickers

Once you get to the salon, a lash esthetician will apply gel-like under eye stickers below your lower lashes. This will help your natural lower lashes not to bond with the lash glue, or with the upper lashes. You will have to lay down on the bed for the following 2-hour process, and you should come with 0% makeup.

  1. Different Types of Extensions

Lashes vary in size and lash material. Women often stick to 8mm lashes, while some turn to 14 mm (Russian volume lash extentions). Material wise, everyone love either silk or faux mink extensions. Talk the process through with the esthetician, and be open for suggestions. Just make sure that eyelashes are customized per your eye shape, and you will love the outcome!

  1. Glue

A beautician will have to use permanent lash glue during the application. They will apply one lash at a time by dipping the lash into the warm adhesive. Some women can feel a slight pinch, while others don’t feel a thing. If you end up feeling uncomfortable, make sure you speak openly with the esthetician.

  1. Tweezers

By using two giant tweezers, they will place the extensions right above your natural lashes. They will isolate one lash at a time since this way the glue will stick a lot more naturally and comfortably per lash. You need to keep your eyes shut so that no glue gets into your lid.

  1. Separation Process

The most important part is for your lashes to curl up, and not to stick together. Lash esthetician will use their tweezers and make every lash unique and different.

After everything is done, you will need to lay down for an additional 3-5 minutes while the lashes dry. A beautician will use a fan, or a small piece of paper and dry them till the glue stops feeling tacky.

  1. The Upkeep

Lastly, the most important part is the upkeep, which is entirely up to you. After the application is done, you will have to take care of your extensions, and with the proper maintenance, you can expect them to last for 3-4 weeks. Just make sure you use oil-free makeup removers, no mascaras, or any tugging or gripping motions.