Being stylish should never get in the way of being comfortable. Enjoying the outdoors and celebrating the beauty of nature calls for an active wear that reflects your sense of fashion without restricting your movements. Outdoor fashion should be trendy, comfortable, and high in quality.

Here are a handful of tips that can help you be stylish and comfortable while sporting great outdoor fashion. Remember that having an active lifestyle should not stop you from looking at your best.

  1. Choose clothes that fit perfectly

Expressing your sense of style is easy if you have clothes that fit you well. Be mindful of the length of the sleeves and hemline when choosing a T-shirt as well as the fit around your body. Classic shirts should have a relaxed and laid back fit ideal for outdoor activities and everyday wear. Make sure that the shirt have some allowance from armpit to armpit for optimized comfort and to allow free movements. The shoulder-to-shoulder measurements should likewise be taken to consideration for an ideal fit.

Well-fitting shirts and tank tops are perfect with shorts, jogger pants, leggings and jeans. To add some attitude to the over-all look, a plaid polo shirt can be worn over the T-shirt. Make sure to leave the buttons undone for a relaxed and fashion-forward vibe. An example of perfectly fitting T-shirts are the Horsetooth’d Colorado Shirts.

  1. Invest on timeless and classic looks

Shopping for trendy clothes can be considered as one of life’s greatest pleasures. While it is perfectly okay to buy the latest trends, the importance of having basic and classic items in your wardrobe should never be taken for granted. Trends come and go. However, timeless pieces such as basic T-shirts, hoodies, and everyday tank tops never go out of style. They are staple items that can be mixed and matched with almost anything. Investing on quality T-shirts is highly necessary if you love the outdoors and have an active lifestyle.

Horsetooth’d Colorado Shirts are locally-made products that celebrate the natural beauty and wonders of Colorado. Their designs are classic, vintage-inspired and unisex. Each product promises great quality and value for money. The items are all 100% U.S.-made products that offer versatility, style and comfort perfect for the outdoors to support your active lifestyle.

  1. Choose simple and basic designs

Outdoor fashion should be laid back, relaxed and not too flashy. For your active wear, choose items that are not overwhelming on the eyes yet exude that stylish vibe. The year 2017 is filled with fashion comebacks, and one of them is the classic graphic T shirt. Horsetooth’d Colorado Shirts have cool graphic designs inspired by nature and the wondrous beauty of Colorado. The prints are bursting with creativity and character suitable for the outdoors. The designs are simple and basic with a straightforward approach to outdoor fashion.

  1. Celebrate your uniqueness and originality

Find your own sense of style by investing on fashion pieces that represent your personality. If you love nature and the great outdoors, express it through your own unique fashion. Fill your closet with items that complement your character such as shirts designed for active wear; and caps, tank tops and hoodies to supplement your daily outfit. It is all about discovering your sense of individuality through your personal style.

Outdoor fashion is fun, laid back and stylish. It also consists of basic and versatile items that can be worn everyday. An example is the classic “T shirt and pants” combination. This is an outfit combo that exudes freedom, youthfulness and vitality that never goes out of style.

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