Pictures tend to fade and discolor over time. This is especially true when they are kept on display inside personalized memorial picture frames. Even those that are kept inside a photo album also tend to show signs of weathering, despite not having the same level of exposure as those displayed on the frames.

Since these pictures hold a lot of history and valuable memories, keeping them in pristine conditions should be a top priority. Here are very important tips to keep in mind to ensure the photographs can be seen and enjoyed by the future generations:

Tip 1: Room Ventilation

Choose a room in the house where the air is well-circulated to prevent mold growth and other damaging factors from ruining the pictures.

Tip 2: Maintain The Right Temperature

Store the photographs in a cool room that does not exceed temperatures of 75℉. Higher temperatures will affect the chemicals on the photos and cause significant damage and discoloration.

Tip 3: Keep Away From Sunlight

Photos that are displayed on personalized memorial picture frames should be kept away from direct sunlight. The UV rays will cause the fading of color and result in faster picture deterioration.

Tip 4: Moisture And Humidity

Store or display the pictures in areas that do not have extreme humidity. Also keep all photo albums high enough that in case of a flood, they will not be damaged extensively.

Tip 5: Stay Away From Wood

Wood and wood products like paper tend to have a high acidity level. Make sure to avoid these as storage options for pictures as the acid will damage the quality of the photographs.

Tip 6: Do Not Store In Attics, Basements, And Garages

These areas of the house are common storage spaces but are not climate controlled which will harm the photographs over time. Avoid these at all cost, even if they seem like the most logical space for storage.

Tip 7: The Bedroom Closet Or Under The Bed

These are two of the most optimal spots for picture storage because it is located inside the room where it is climate controlled and often cleaned. Just make sure that they are not stored directly on the ground, just in case of a flood.

Tip 8: Fingerprints

When holding the pictures for viewing or for placing inside the memorial frame, only hold the edges. Avoid blotting the photos with fingerprints as the natural oils in our fingers will cause the pictures to discolor.

Tip 9: Label Carefully

The best way to label the pictures is to use a black permanent marker on the back. Be extra careful when putting too much pressure while writing to prevent damage. Also, do not use any paper products for labeling, unless they are 100% acid-free.

Caring For Photographs Is An Important

Pictures keep memories alive and they can be passed from one generation to the next and still be in perfect condition. Simply remember these storage and display tips and your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be able to see all the photos of previous generations without squinting.

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