Not only your apparels and hairstyles change with the ever-evolving fashion trend, but also your nails. In the earlier days, you only choose your favorite nail paint and apply them on your fingers. But, with the advent of various chemicals and powders, you can now use the powder on the nails as they will act as the nail paint. Apart from the acrylic nails, there are many options as like the acrylic paints, nail extensions, and so on. If you are thinking to try something new on your nails, check out the nail art trends now-

  1. The Abstract Tone

The abstract tone or the dual tone on the nails is the current favourite among fashion lovers. This type of nail art is achieved by applying two colours of paint on the nails. You can choose one light tone and one darker tone as they both will look cool on your fingers. You can use either the nail paint or the acrylic powder as per your wish to get the look.

  1. Long Lines

The long lines are coming in the trend recently. These lines are done vertically on the nails. If you visit a salon, the professional will first apply a lighter shade on your nails and then will give the darker lines on the nails. These long lines look perfect with some western outfit.

  1. Use of neon colours


The use of neon colours is a current trend. You can use neon colours like green, yellow or pink on your nails, mainly on the tips. They will look great and attractive at the same time. You can even get the neon acrylic powder that will perfectly matches up to your expectations.

  1. In The Stitches Design

One of the most unique designs of nail art is the stitch design. This design is done on darker colours with the help of light ones. The stitch design is done from the corners of the nails so that it looks like the stitch. You can use the black colour for the base or any dark colour and use the red or white colour to have the impression of doing the stitches.

  1. Ice Cream Design

The ice cream design is another unique type of design done on the nails. Just imagine, all your nails will look like tiny cone ice creams! The ice cream design can be done by any colour of your choice. If you are having a fascination of colour, you can choose the pinkish shades for making the ice creams.

  1. Porcelain Design

The porcelain design is the best one to be done on the nails if you have smaller nails. You must use the white colour as your base and then you should use the blue colour for creating the main ceramic design on the nails. For this type of nail part, you should consult with the nail art professional who can provide you with the best designs.

  1. The wavy nails

The wavy nails look great if you have sharp nails. The impression of waves is made with two-three colours. They look great if you use a combination of bright and light colours. They look cool and vibrant on your nails.

  1. Flower design

The flower design is the cutest among all. You can make the flower design on a dark base or a dark coloured flower on a lighter base; the choice is yours. You can get various design options online.

These are some of the 8 top nail art designs available for you. Choose the best one that suits your style and personality. You can use the acrylic powder or paint for doing the acrylic nails.