All of us tend to prioritize what goes inside our body way more than we think about what goes on our skin, which is the first thing that a person notices. The first step to a healthy and glowing face is knowing how to wash your face the right way. According to studies, keeping in mind the below-mentioned rules can be a great start in seeing a visible change in your facial skin.

1 Choose the Right Face Wash

The first and foremost key point to remember is picking up the right face wash according to your skin type. This is necessary to avoid unnecessary skin inflammation and allergic reactions. The right face wash today contains natural ingredients like lime, tea tree, saffron, lemongrass, etc. This natural face wash effectively targets all possible skin abnormalities and provides the skin with essential nutrients and hydration.

2 Clean out all Make-up

This is a very necessary step to perform before washing your face with a natural face wash and that is removing all makeup from the skin surface. Makeup tends to penetrate through the skin pores and clog them if not cleared out completely. This can cause unexpected acne, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation in the future.

3 Use Right Temperature Water

Too cold or too hot water temperature can shock the skin cells. This can cause serious damage to the skin as it will directly affect the pH levels of the skin. Using lukewarm water or regular temperature water is most beneficial as it neutralizes and calms the skin when used with a natural face wash due to the organic ingredients in it.

4 Use Clean Hands

Not washing your hands before touching your face with the natural face wash can transfer the multiple dirt particles and bacteria from your hand to your face. This in turn can cause skin irritation and blemishes. So, just before you go to wash your face with natural face wash, wash your hands well and then splash water and face wash on your face.

5 Timely Wash

Is there a right time to wash your face? According to research, washing your face with a natural face wash twice a day can make your skin brighter and healthier from within. The most appropriate time to wash your face is early in the morning before you head out and right before you hit the bed. Follow this routine for a few days and see the change yourself.

6 Do not Pull on Your Skin

Most times, while using a natural face wash, you tend to rub your face too harshly, especially if you had make-up on before. This pulling movement on the skin can affect the skin tissues adversely. It is important to you light circular motions to wash the face to avoid stretching out the skin.

7 Pat Dry Only

As soon as you are done washing your face with a natural face wash, do not grab a towel and start rubbing it on the skin. Instead, pick up a soft cloth towel and dab it on your face lightly. Over rubbing the face can cause the skin to dry out faster, eliminating all possible benefits of a natural face wash away from the skin.

8 Always Moisturize

Lastly, applying a suitable skin moisturizer right after using a natural face wash can increase the benefits of all the ingredients in the face wash. Most natural face wash contains aloe vera which is a hydrating ingredient. Once the aloe vera has seeped through the skin, a moisturizer is necessary to lock the hydration within the skin cells.

Thus, there is no completely right or wrong method to follow in order to achieve the best skin. However, a little caution and small efforts can go a long way in achieving healthy and glowing skin so start today.