For every Indian bride, her wedding presents to her is a whirlwind of events. Until D-day, she mentally plans all the minute details to ensure her wedding is a grand success. Amongst all the intricacies, her attire and bridal jewellery sets are two of the most essential aspects that make it to the top of her bridal list. Today, to ensure brides have just the kind of jewellery they need to outshine others, most designers pick the most suited gold jewellery designs for brides depending on their requirements.

These gold ornamental designs are chosen based on few factors:

  • Whether the bride likes heavy set jewellery or not.
  • Her complexion and age.
  • Her face cut.

Now, if you’re wondering which are the best options to pick for traditional gold jewellery? Then there are few timeless pieces of gold ornaments that work at every wedding:

  1. Rani Haar

A two-piece gold necklace adjourned within one another and coming in authentic designs; a rani haar is ideal for women of all colour and face -cut. Coming with matching earrings, this rani haar will look eloquently fashionable and timeless on a young bride.

  1. Marathi gold bridal set

Marathi gold bridal set comprises of a golden neck-set designed in the form of matter mala. There is also enclosed a nose pin or nath. Brides can pick up a diamond gold combination to pick the exquisite diamond nose pin that’ll make them look young and gorgeous.

  1. Bengali bridal jewellery

Nothing makes a bride more extravagantly pretty than decking up in a traditional Bengali necklace set. Even if one isn’t speaking colloquial Bengali, she can shop for this authentic look. A Bengali gold jewellery set will offer a tikli, a nath, jhumkas and along with that eye-catching gold necklace which will make any bride outshine.

  1. Ruby gold jewellery set

If any brides plan a red-golden theme wedding, then this aristocratic combination is best brought out by rubies. Rubies bring out the golden hue, and give a bride a radiant aura as she dons them. Additionally, being timeless, a bride can wear rubies even after marriage and look as timeless as ever.

  1. Pearl and gold jewellery

For the brides who like to keep it simple and subtle, a pearl and gold jeweller set is an ideal choice. This set comprises of a pearl attached to a heavyset necklace. Additionally, one can also don this style as a mangal tika by detaching the pearl piece attached.

  1. Emerald and white gold jewellery set

For all the high-fashion divas trending gold jewellery set in the market is a white gold plated necklace with emerald suds. Giving off an exquisite aura, this one is relatively cheaper than a heavy-set golden necklaces. However, it still provides an auspicious and fashionable aura about the bride.

Well, now that brides have these trending choices to pick from, just hurry and select the most suited gold piece today and shine at the wedding.