It is beyond surprise that two main reasons of piling extra fats around your abdomen is lack of regular exercise and decanted diet. This substandard diet may include fried foods, excessive fats, sugary drinks, and desserts rich in saturated fats and carbohydrates.

These two are obvious and understood reasons of weight gain but the situation becomes intricate when you do regular exercise and take balanced diet that is low in calories and still your waistline is getting broader. This unexpected weight gain is very maddening especially if you are unable to comprehend the actual reason of increase in weight.

However, there are many surprising reasons that contribute to increase in weight and some of them are given below.

Reasons Of Weight Gain

  •  Lack of Sleep

Adequate sleep is necessary because your body performs best when at rest. Lack of sleep makes accumulation of fats easier because body experience physiological stress and growth hormones levels drop resulting in weight gain. 5-9 hours of sleep daily acts a natural growth hormone therapy and helps in shedding extra weight as well. Other symptoms of lack of sleep are fatigue, irritability, and low levels of energy.

  • Excessive Stress

No one can avoid stress in this modern world and stress means the body is going into “survival mode.” In this mode body tent to store more food as a fuel, slows down metabolism and releases the stress causing increase in stress hormones, cartisols that result in obesity.

  • Medication

Medications used to treat various disorders like diabetes, stress, migraines, mood swing etc can also cause obesity from mild to intense levels. Some of these drugs deplete the testosterone levels in the body that is one of the biggest reasons of obesity particularly in men.

  • Medical Conditions

There are certain medical conditions, most importantly diabetes and hypothoirdism that can slow down the metabolism and in turn can cause weight gain. Another rare reason is Crushing Syndrome that is the excessive of cartisols and can result in weight going up.

  • Menopause

Menopause in women can result in low physical activity, slow metabolism, lack of sleep and increase in hunger and all these factors are a common cause of obesity. Furthermore, menopause causes women to lose weight from thighs and hips and instead pile that weight around the abdomen.

Reason of Weight gain


The excessive intake of calories is not the only reason for extra weight. There might be some other reasons you are totally oblivious of. If you are gaining weight without any apparent reason, just examine your lifestyle and see where you are going wrong.