The engagement ring has long been a focal point of interest in the western world and while the traditions may have remained intact, the actual ring design has seen some amazing creations over the years. The creative man who won’t settle for anything off the shelf is likely to commission his own engagement ring design, and with that in mind, here are just a few of the unique engagement ring designs that have surfaced in the pursuit of the perfect ring.


  1. The Heart Shaped Cluster – This is the most attractive design and of course, the heart is a symbol of the undying love the couple have for each other. The heart shape can be made with either a single or double line of small diamonds, and using coloured stones, you can really create a distinctive ring that symbolises true love. If you are looking to impress your bride to be when you pop the question, The Diamond Jewellery Studio has a gorgeous collection and some really unusual designs that incorporate stunning diamonds, and they are always happy to work with the client to produce a unique piece that will never be repeated.
  1. A Triangular Creation – with the two points at the top that taper down and meet each other, this style would usually be of white gold, with 4 or 5 diamonds set inside the triangle, or a line of tiny diamonds. If you are looking for some inspiration regarding engagement rings, talk to an accomplished jeweller who customises their work according to the client’s ideas.
  1. An Intricate Band – A combination of white gold and platinum as the frame, with many minute diamonds filling the centre, is a very unusual idea. Slightly thicker than the average band, this could incorporate sapphires and emeralds for a splash of colour, making for a chunky style ring that will certainly turn heads. It isn’t so expensive to have unique jewellery pieces handmade for you and it is the ultimate gesture to have the ring custom made
  1. Yellow Gold Band with Diamond Insets – Pink diamonds make for a stunning inset into a thin yellow band. A mixture of diamonds, sapphires and emeralds also projects a colourful and attractive ring that people will remember. This is just one of many variations of insetting stones in gold and by talking to an established jewellery creator, you can create something unique for your partner.
  1. The Diamond Leaf Ring – Imagine a very thin band of white gold that has small, elegant leaves protruding at staggered intervals, very much like what you would see on a flower stem. This is the ideal design for the girl who is close to nature. The leaves can be light green emeralds surrounded by diamonds. Whatever your concept for an engagement ring, an established custom jeweller can transform your vision into reality and if you would like some inspiration, there are a few great examples of unique engagement ring designs available online.

There is no limit to what you create and with the help of an experienced jewellery maker, your fiancée-to-be will be over the moon with the ring, especially as it is a one-off design that is unique in every respect.