Raves are starting to make a comeback as COVID-19 ebbs. By fall, most people are hoping to be able to begin attending raves again. If you’re planning for a fall rave, you might want to consider a sexy Halloween costume that also makes an excellent rave outfit. But what costumes are perfect for crossing over into rave fashion? Here are a few ideas.


Rave culture loves fairytale creatures, making a fairy costume the perfect option for a sexy rave outfit. You also have a lot of creative freedom with this creature, as there’s no single look for them. You can wear virtually any color, and your face can be skintight and sexy, or flowy and flirty—all of it works! Just make sure that you don’t forget to wear your wings, as no fairy costume is complete without them.


Another famous fairytale creature, mermaids, has become more and more common in rave fashion these days. You’ll often see fish-scale prints on rave outfits, but you can take that one step further and go for an entire mermaid outfit. Of course, a full-length mermaid fin would be hard to dance in, but you could opt for a mini skirt in a fish-tail print, with tulle on the ends to represent the fin. Put on a bikini top that has seashells or fish scales, and you’re set!


While bright colors are trendy at raves, a new trend of all-black rave outfits has gained popularity over the last couple of years. If you want to use this trend for your costume, a sexy ninja is a perfect option. Skintight, strappy, black leather can make for a head-turning outfit. You can opt for a bikini set, romper, bodysuit, and many other options. Add a black face covering—which is also appropriate in a post-COVID world—and you’re ready to slay.


If you want to wear a corset with your costume, a pirate could be the perfect outfit to pull it off. A bust-boosting corset and a pleated skirt make for a great base to this costume. There are many ways to customize this look to make it work for a rave, so find something that makes you feel sexy while being comfortable enough to dance the night away.

A sexy rave costume can be a great way to celebrate the return of raves and Halloween. While all of the costume ideas above are a great option, finding something you love is important. So, whether you want to be a devil, angel, cat, unicorn, fortuneteller, or any of the options listed above, make sure you feel amazing in that costume and have a great time getting back to raves!