Everyone loves prom night because it is a fantastic event where happiness and nostalgia are shared as the last day where all classmates will share the same space. However, for this fancy occasion, you must do the task to find the right outfit to portray glamour. After applying all the following Prom Dresses tips, you will set the trend and mark your school’s history.

What should you consider to choose the dress?

The first thing to choose the perfect garment is to know the theme and the exact time. Well, depending on it, some colors or others will be used.

  • If it is an outdoor and daytime prom. Dress codes are getting more flexible nowadays, and allow you to wear a short dress to the knee or midi cut, which can have bright colors or more cheerful prints.
  • If it is a prom that will take place in the evening. The advice will be the metallic tones such as gold, gray, ocher, dark blue or red.

If you opt for pure elegance it’s not mandatory to wear a full black design, enable yourself to be accompanied by other tones that give it a more festive air, for example, with white or blueprints. So, starting from this base, do not lose sight of the proposals that bring us the most famous firms for 2019 Prom Dresses.

What are the trends to come?


For designs for this season, there are asymmetric cuts, fluid shirt styles with an accentuated waist. There are also dresses with many details, volume, and appliques on the bodice, sleeves or skirt such as embroidery and other patterns.

Loops are also imposed on the neck or waist. Ruffles, ruffles, pleats and stepped layers. Halter, boat or bare shoulders collars. A perfect example is brought by the latest collection of Prom Dresses by Jovani, with perfectly executed designs such as the Gray Floral Embroidered Sheer Neck Prom Ballgown, with embellishments on the bodice, lace base, and wide A -cut skirt.

What about the colors?

The color proposal is extensive, we find from the primary or traditional such as blue, red or black to an explosion of bright colors such as green, yellow, pink or purple. And if you wonder what happens with white cocktail dresses, or if you are looking for this tonality, leading design houses -like the mentioned above Jovani- use it as a base color to draw on it prints, embroideries or to give a balance to the rest of tones.

If you need evening dresses, you also have an extensive range. According to Harper’s Bazaar in 10 Summer 2018 Fashion Trends, this season gives us shiny fabrics or sequins, satin, silver, garments with details of rhinestones and floral appliques on the neck, waist or sleeves. Also with touches of transparencies and translucent. We have for example models like the Teal Nude High Neck Racer Back Fitted Lace Prom Dress by Raul Maslavi’s custom line.

About the accessories

Accessories for Prom Dresses should be in harmony with the garments. They can also be protagonists as long as it is a single piece so that you do not look very overloaded. They can be:

  • Bohemian style maxi earrings.
  • Bracelet or an elaborate necklace.
  • Large and original belt or a colorful clutch.

Closed-heeled shoes and sandals escort the party dresses. For example, if you have opted for an elegant dress whether long or short, in colors such as red, black or with strong tonal prints, you can show at each step some beautiful sandals or peep-toes in silver or gold.

You already know that there are many possibilities and styles to be in the latest fashion during this prom season. Adapt the options to your style and will see that how much of a fun task it is. So dare!